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Totally different type of sailing compared to a monohull. First off how old is the wife and how athletic? Where will you be sailing? The 16 is a great beach cat and super fun to ride waves with. Will you be trailering it or can you leave it set up. Rigging it is not all that hard once you get the hang of it. Should take less than a half hour but is something to consider. You will get wet and you will turn it over! Great boat to learn to sail on. Now if you want to start cruising or if the wife is not keen on a wet exciting ride you might want to look for something like a Catalina 22. A good sailing boat, easy to trailer and launch. But not a beach cat. You would be better off launching at a ramp. You can pick one up for a little more than a Hobie but it is more boat. It will take a small outboard and is a much better boat if you are sailing on a lake with fluky winds. I have constantly owned a Hobie since 1974 and currently have a 21 here in the Bahamas. Great boat but not as good a performer as the 16 or 18. Bottom line really is where you are going to sail and what type of sailing do you want to do. PM me if I can be of any help.
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