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Originally Posted by CaptWill View Post
I am a 40 years phone and security guy, but have never programmed an NEC. But what you;re describing, sounds like that extension has been set to forward calls. That would have been done at the extension in question, either through a menu option, or a dedicted CALL FWD button. Is there a user guide built in the the phone (the ESI brand that I am certified dealer for, all have built-in user guides and interactive verbal tutorials). If not, see if you can find one at NEC telecom's website, or google user guide for that model. Cancel call forwarding should restore normal op.

Maybe someone else here knows that particular system, will chime in.
You are definitely on the right path... the guy at that extension said that It was probably him while trying to get his voice mails.

I googled it and went over all the possible ways to cancel call forward (call forward on busy, call forward no answer, etc...), but the damn thing still has the message on the screen and forwards the calls....
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