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Default Anybody in the office phone system business??? NEC SL1100

OK... I know this is a hard one to answer, but I know there are guys of mostly every trade in here so someone may know, and throw me a rope...

Have a NEC SL1100 phone system at the office.
On of the multi lines desk stations, is showing VRS-IMM on the display and the guy at that extension can make calls (in and out) but nobody can reach that extension...

When we call his extension number it rings ones and feels like is transferred somewhere and hangs up.

The company that install it and programmed the system, is a small mom and pop shop, and the main guy is out of reach, so I was wondering if anybody here would be able to help me up.

I googled it, I looked through every menu option I could find and I'm still stuck.

BTW: I have full access to the system config.
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