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Originally Posted by lyman24 View Post
Text messages are a beautiful thing! Sent my wife a text at 1:36pm just after we got boarded. That boat can fly, I'm pretty sure it had 4x 350 Verados. I was coming in at 35+mph and he ran me down like I was standing still. We were pulled over just outside the port.

They were all out... Coasties, Fish/Game and Sheriff, looking for easy tickets. My brother forget to get a license and we told them, he said they didn't catch us in the act and it didn't matter.
I'm guessing it was a different boat then from the one we saw up here. They do move out. After he pulled up on the other rec boat I put a rod up and looked over to see if they were heading to us and they were already on the east horizon. That was the only LEO boat we saw all day.
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