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Reply from FELL:

There are two options for this wiring, both of them are quite easy to do;

--As Dacman suggested on the forum, a DPST relay is a good solution to switch two engines separately without mising any of the ignition systems. Make sure you get a normally closed (NC) relay, which will connect the kill switch wiring when it is not powered, and disconnect it to let the engine run when powered. Then the Gray and Blue wire is used from the MOB+ for the power signal to the relay. (These two wires are disconnected when MOB+ is in idle state, and connected when MOB+ is in active state).

-Diode splitter
--This is a harness which effectively takes the multiple wires and connects them separated by diodes so that you end up with only two wires. Mercury has this as a standard part in their inventory. I have sent a request to Yamaha if they have it as a standard part to order as well. Probably the diodes from Mercury would function well on Yamaha too.