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Originally Posted by clv View Post
They have a Yamaha engine page you can pull up under support. "If you keep your existing kill lanyard wire the Fell Orange and Grey wires in parallel to Yamaha Black and White" noting that for " Multiple Engine Configurations"

"If you have several engines on your boat and your boat is already fitted with a kill switch you can connect
the wires as described above to the two existing signal
wires leading to the existing mechanical switch in
your helm or throttle. You may notice that the existing
wires consists of a splitter component on the wires.
This splitter must not be removed, as this splitter
translates the signal from the single mechanical kill
switch into a kill switch signal for multiple engines. You
should connect the MOB+ xHUB wires above this split-
ter, i.e. on the last two wires leading into the existing
mechanical switch installed in your helm."
Ya, I did that connection problem is my mechanical kill switch had 4 wires - 2 white and 2 black. Just to test I disconnected the kill switch to make sure it wasn't something else and the engines switches operate independently. Maybe I should only hook up 1 white and 1 black? I assumed that would only kill one engine as one white/black went to port and other starboard.