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Originally Posted by jobowker View Post
Holy cow! That looks great!

I know very little about bourbon,so forgive me if I misspeak and feel free to tell me when I make a mistake.

I like Ketel One vodka, and I like Tito's, but if I take a sip of Ketel One, and follow it up with a sip of Tito's, the Tito's feels a little harsher/ rough around the edges. Not sure how to describe it accurately.

When drinking wines, a merlot has a certain taste, but then over the next 20 seconds or so, the lingering taste start to change - a much longer "finish" than some other wines have.

Translating this to bourbon, I like it when the starting and finishing flavors are different. I like it when it's a slightly higher alcohol content but it doesn't have a very strong burn that made it taste like it was 95 proof.

Woodford Reserve bourbon, while tasty, is a little rough for me. I tried Elijah Craig 12 (can't find it in a store anymore) and liked that much better.

So since you know a thing or two about bourbon and you most likely know the difference between those two bourbons, how would you characterize it?
The two you mention are very very different animals

Woodford reserve is a mass produced product, never any shortage and when you buy a bottle, it probably came out of a fairly decent size batch, not as big of a batch as Wild Turkey but maybe not as small of a batch as Elijah Craig (can't confirm, it's just a guess). Not every barrel that they use is just as good as the next, so to cut down on shrinkage, the small percentage of bad barrels is just swallowed up by sheer numbers. Additionally, they say that it's a Bourbon that is aged "UP TO" 7 years, but in order to be Bourbon AND NOT HAVE AN AGE STATEMENT, it MUST be aged 4 years. I hope that makes sense...if it does I am sure you can see where this might be going. Sure, there is some bourbon in the batch that was aged 7 years, but I kinda have a hunch that it wasn't the majority.

Elijah Craig is a small batch Bourbon with an age statement. So small batch to me means that it's probably less than 150 barrels in that batch, so much less room for error. Additionally, with the age all must be aged for the time period that is a huge difference. Also, the recipe will be different...the two will have 50% corn and that is the only requirement as far as recipe is concerned outside of no other additives like color or other flavor etc.

I would advise you to grab some Eagle Rare, Four Roses (but open it, try a little and don't go back to it for 3 weeks), and Basil Hayden.

Also if you see Single Barrel, grab means that what's in that bottle came out of ONE barrel, so no possibility of masking anything by mixing it with a bunch of other barrels. A SB will usually be the best they got...

BTW, I have no knowledge of the size of either companies batches or recipes, but I can guess by tasting and reading about them. I do like Woodford, I drink it quite a bit when I am out because it's easy to find and still here in Texas, there is much more scotch than Bourbon when you go to a restaurant.
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