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Originally Posted by freedbaby View Post

jobowkr...what are the flavors you like and what don't you like about Rye? that will help myself and some others make some recommendations.

Holy cow! That looks great!

I know very little about bourbon,so forgive me if I misspeak and feel free to tell me when I make a mistake.

I like Ketel One vodka, and I like Tito's, but if I take a sip of Ketel One, and follow it up with a sip of Tito's, the Tito's feels a little harsher/ rough around the edges. Not sure how to describe it accurately.

When drinking wines, a merlot has a certain taste, but then over the next 20 seconds or so, the lingering taste start to change - a much longer "finish" than some other wines have.

Translating this to bourbon, I like it when the starting and finishing flavors are different. I like it when it's a slightly higher alcohol content but it doesn't have a very strong burn that made it taste like it was 95 proof.

Woodford Reserve bourbon, while tasty, is a little rough for me. I tried Elijah Craig 12 (can't find it in a store anymore) and liked that much better.

So since you know a thing or two about bourbon and you most likely know the difference between those two bourbons, how would you characterize it?