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I really like the Prichard's Tennessee Whiskey when I can find it.

My everyday budget bourbon has been Very Old Barton. It's distributed within a radius of Kentucky, but I'm not sure of the geographic boundaries. I know it can be found in North Alabama, but I haven't found it further south. It's been getting harder to come by lately, I think because it has gained in popularity.

Pike Creek is a Canadian whiskey finished in port barrels. It's very smooth with some fruity notes. Great for sipping neat and even non-whiskey drinkers seem to like it. Pretty cheap too.

I like to do some blind taste testing of my inventory every now and again to see how my tastes have changed and to see if my winning pick is affordable.

If you guys make it to downtown Pensacola, the Old Hickory Whiskey Bar has over 400 on hand and they craft some of the best cocktails you'll ever have. Places like that are great for test driving without having to buy a whole bottle.
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