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Man, so many comments to respond to!!

Not gonna quote everyone, but the few that come to mind...

1) Weller Antique 107 is a SOLID play. I have tons of Weller 12 and Weller 107 and still prefer 107...but lose the ice and try it in a Glencairn glass. You will get so many more flavors it's unreal.
2) Elijah Craig, if you can still find it with the age statement on the back, grab cannot go wrong with it. The Single Barrel is also amazing
3) Moonshine...Bone Distillery here in Texas is the best I've had. See if you can find it, if not I will find a way to get you some
4) EH Taylor small batch and Eagle Rare 10 year....HELL YESS!!!

jobowkr...what are the flavors you like and what don't you like about Rye? that will help myself and some others make some recommendations.

Last night I had the opportunity to participate in something VERY cool. I was invited to go to a seminar at Goody Goody Liquor here in Houston. It was led by the Grandson of the Master Distiller and Hall of Famer, Jimmy Russel of Wild Turkey/Russel's. He has been with the company over 60 years, his son is now taking over as Master Distiller even though "Grandad" still goes to work every day...and now the grandson is also in the business. I believe the fellow I met yesterday is fourth generation...crazy!

The grand finally of the tasting was the Russel's Single Barrel 10 year Store Pick...AMAZING. I grabbed that (last store pick bottle in existence else I would have bought a case) and the Russell's Reserve Straight Rye.

Man I learned so much about bourbon, distillation, why Bourbon is so largely centered in and around Kentucky, why the consumer believes there is a "shortage" of bourbon etc.

Here are a couple pics of Mr. Russel and the two bottles I grabbed. I also threw the pictures of my shelving I am still trying to finish up.

Questions class?? LMAO

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