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Originally Posted by KismetLRC View Post
First Choice for drinking is EH Taylor Small Batch...

Second Choice is my favorite sippin' Bourbon....
This. Yes, it's a Heaven Hill brand that a lot of people dismiss because it's "big industry" bourbon, but it's really good and at a reasonable price. The Elijah Craig single barrel 12 yr is also a great bourbon especially for the price and availability.

I find the Eagle Rare and also the Makers 46 a bit harsh up front with very similar spicy flavors. No major complaints from either other than I value smoothness over complex flavors- personal choice.

For a basic bourbon I like Maker's (sweet) or Buffalo Trace ( balanced). I keep either/or on hand at all times plus usually the Elijah barrel proof or 12yr single barrel.

For more complex I prefer Blanton, Weller, Taylor, and Lee. Or the much older Elijah Craig's. But I'm a fairly cheap bourbon snob, so it's usually one at a time until it's gone

The great thing about bourbon is most people think it's a narrow selection of spirit, but once you start exploring you realize it's a huge range of tastes.
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