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Default My first Glock

Well I pulled the trigger and bought one, but haven't pulled the real trigger yet, so to speak!I I am a gun person by nature and have always owned several. My semi auto pistols consist of the old S&W model 645's. The glock is my my first hammer less semi auto. If anyone wants to share any tips, safe handling, or generalities about the gun I have open ears. As you can see in my picture, I bought a Watchdog Tactical pocket holster too. I have been practicing my draw with the new gun and holster, unloaded of course. The gun transitions easy out of the holster and my index finger is pointing forward every draw, so I guess it is safe to say that the gun has a great feel to me. Plus, my hands are probably on the small side and this is my first single stack. What a difference in feel over my old 645"s.

A couple of quick questions come to mind.

1. Correct Terminology, When pulling the slide and chambering a round, do you say a round is chambered and leave out the cocked part because there is no hammer. Just wondering on how to present myself to a officer if asked. Unfortunately, I get pulled over more for speeding in a year than probably every one on here combined. When handing the LEO my CCL I always tell them that I have a round chambered but the gun is uncocked. Referring to my 645's.

2. I have read much about some people being unhappy with the sights, would love to hear opinions on this.

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