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Default Furuno FCV620 Digital FF Quick Look

I finally fished some deeper water today so I thought I'd pass along some observations & pictures. I'vebeen using a Raymarine DX500 FF for the last 3 years so I feel I have a good feel for the technology.

Each of my units uses a Airmar TM Transducer (DX500 = P58 / FCV620 = P66).

The DX500 = 5" viewable screen while the FCV = 5.6" viewable screen.

The DX series has a stationary external mount thatcan be tiltedwhile the FCV series has a stationary mount that can be tilted & swiveled.

Bothunits screen presentationare excellent in direct sunlight and can manually adjusted if necessary.

You can choose what NMEAdata you want to display on the screen. I feel that the Ray DX series is more robust in this area plus the data overlay fields are transparent so you can see the FF data behind them. The FCV series data fields are limited and are not transparent so you can't see the FF data behind them.

Both presentations are great and easy to read. The DX series I feel has a a little crisper presentation but the FCV series is much more user friendly & robust in the area of manual gain and screen selections. Here are2 more pictures of the Furuno in action.

They're are both good values for the money. My DX500was bullet prooffor the3 years I used it.

I considered moving up to the DX600 (6" viewable screen) but choose the Furuno because of the manual & screen selectable controls. So far I've been both happy & impressed with my Furuno.

There you have it.

Picture is of my Garmin 3205 in 3D overhead view .......