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Originally Posted by GR1FFIN View Post
He didnt do a very good entry, it looked like he was in a slight L instead of a pencil-- that must of really smashed his butt-- I'm surprised he was even able to swim away from it. I've jumped from a 50' cliff and a 45' waterfall and it hurts your butt even when you go straight in like a pencil.

I jumped from a 65' bridge and did not go in straight in my young an dumb days, felt like someone hit me with a 2x4 in the butt.

A bunch of people jumped off the cliff next to it to recover me when they saw me coming down leaning forward because I jumped outward instead of just stepping off.
thought I was going to do a belly buster I guess, but tucked my legs forward and leaned back at the last .
I repeat young and dumb
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