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Ever had your defibrillator go off? I understand you may be pacemaker dependent. I'm asking if you have ever been shocked because the gadget thought you needed it?

I had a number of opportunities to see AICD's go off. Anesthesia for cardiac surgery sometimes causes bradycardia and perhaps hypotension enough to trigger the AICD. You can imagine lot's of patients with ischemic disease are quite succeptable to arrest at any time prior to revasularization. Cardiac anesthesia induction is not for sissies. You had to stay on your toes and be ready. It looked to me like the AICD really jolts the patient. (Kind of like an internal kick by a mule)

On another side note, there was an old and beloved family physician in our community had to have heart surgery. He did not receive a pacemaker or AICD. Only bypass grafting. After surgery, and after he was extubated, but still in the ICU he had an arrest. He got the external paddles..... While he was still conscious! (strong nursing and ICU care btw)

I asked him about being defibrillated months later. His reply........"IT HURTS LIKE HELL." God I liked that guy.

So sorry to hear about the recall, and best wishes for getting updated and back in the game.