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Still several more weeks left in the water but the end of season does loom. Ordered these parts for day one of what will end up being week or more of boat work days on routine maintenance and does not include fixing what might need fixing, before she is wrapped up for Winter and ready to swim again in the Spring. The faithful old girl has worked hard this year with 220+ hours of engine run time, hundreds of fish came in over the rail, dozens of divers rolled off the rail, many a barley pop was enjoyed. Biggest in water issue so far this year was the pressure switch failing on my raw water wash down pump. I sucsesfully by-passed the switch at sea with a couple of wire nuts and some electrical tape and 10 minutes later had the pump operational.

The boat deserves some well earned TLC.

When I look at the list of all the things I need to accomplish in terms of just routine engine maintenece and boat care on my relatively simple, S/E twenty five footer, I am left in a state of awe for those with big boats that see a lot of use and are owner maintained. Keeping up with 2 or more engines and a much bigger hull with more bells and whistles to attend to has to be a massive undertaking each year.

I can't even imagine what my annual costs would be to keep my boat turn key paying someone to do all the work, for those that can and do, this Bud's for you .......
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