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Default Switched Teams

Bavarian teams that is...

After 3 3-Series BMWs I fell for a Mercedes. GF is looking to upgrade her Mercedes and I saw and fell for an 05 SL500. As a BMW devotee I admit Mercedes has some damn sexy bodies.

I was kinda holding out for an AMG version or M3 as my next ride but when I sat in and drove this my patience went out the tailpipe.

I could write a book about the differences in the cars, the companies and it is not fair to compare an SL to an 3-series. I have owned Mercedes before, albeit ages ago...

I can summarize the difference in BMW v Mercedes
bmw= a drivers car. you feel connected to the car and road MUCH more. across the board of models they handle better
mercedes= luxurious power, German engineering voodoo at its pinnacle

you can mod a bmw. not so much mercedes -nothing left to really do?