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Originally Posted by tillman View Post
About 90% of my students graduate and become diesel mechanics.I have a great relationship with industry and all my good students have no problem getting jobs. I push my students into the heavy equipment and marine industry because that is my background.Just a few of the companies who hire my students are.Thompson Tractor,Calwin Equipment,Sonny South John Deere,Toomey Equipment Kubota,Saunders Yacht Works,Middletons Marine. Almost all start around 13.00 to 14.00 an hour and make in the 50s after about 5 years.
My 1st year students get small engines,welding and general shop projects. My 2nd year students get the Diesel classes. The title of my class is Agricultural Mechanics and we are part of the FFA.
That is great. I know I don't need to tell you badly America needs skilled workmen. College isn't for every kid, and being a skilled craftsman, mechanic, etc. shouldn't be considered a second choice (compared to college).