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Good for you, Tony. I look forward to seeing your crews bring your Carlson back to where it should be. I have owned mine for around 15 years now, same make, age and model as yours. Even with our Carlsons being over 20 years old, the materials, construction and features in them would rival most flats boats built today. Over many years, as a recreational fisherman, a light tackle inshore fishing guide and as a flat boat dealer, I have found my Carlson 17' Back Bay Skiff to be among the best riding, handling and fish able of any I have run.

I hope everyone will be respectful and mature with your thread and you won't see a need to 'take it down'. There is a lot of good info to be passed along with following your progress. You will certainly expose a lot of youth to skills and knowledge needed for what could result in, if not a commercial job, at least a life long obsession such as many of us on THT are afflicted with.

Good Luck and keep 'em coming.

Capt Joe