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hi puppy

well i bought minds late last year so guess it is not the older one. well i can only remember the day before i went out fishing and my line broke off i just unplugged the power because i was done for the day anyways. then went out again yesterday and do as i normally do with settings and notice it was not counting when i drop the line in the water, i tried playing with all buttons and resetting but nothing. but i do remember when i press the mode button to go thru the settings i notice on one of the settings it shows some numbers like in meters and some other number below it , but what is strange is if i press any other buttons other than the mode button those numbesr just stays there and do nothing its like it is freeze in that mode setting. if i press the mode button then it comes out that setting. so not sure if that is something or not

i can post a pic if you like

let me know thanks