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Tony Trak
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I am a power boater and a sailboat racer for 30 years. I agree with wezie. Along with teaching the kids how to race and tactics, they need to teach good seamanship and stress safety.

They are lucky that it was the OP who seems to be a responsible and safe boater, rather than the 46' SeaRay first boat owner that just left the Local ICW beach bar.

On the ICW I have seen inattentive or under the influence boaters hit buoys, markers, sea walls, other boaters, and run aground. The kids should be taught to assume that the power boat does not see them, and then be thankful that the powerboat is the OP and slows to avoid confrontation.

Contact the yacht club. Don't talk about you and how you were inconvenienced, but instead talk about the safety of the kids. These are probably kids of the YC board of directors. They will listen.
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