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Originally Posted by bamaboy473 View Post
Don't be so sanctimonious and make assumptions in order to support your supposed outrage at the OP.
a. The OP has 30 years experience, so he isn't a first-timer. What he saw was different from other encounters, or he wouldn't have posted.
b. easily anticipating is a foolish statement, because making a direction change is at the whim of the sailor; the kid could just have easily waited 20 seconds to let the OP's boat pass.
b1. With 20 boats sailing, and with the ICW narrow, it becomes a game of guts...with the sailboats' skippers having the unfair advantage.
c. BTDT when I was a kid in Hollywood....the difference being I did it once and just about got run over. I learned a good lesson that attention, and don't assume.
d. If the YC had to use the ICW, then it is a big safety lesson that the YC must teach the kids; don't assume that your right of way is going to save you if the motor vessel can't or doesn't stop in time.
e. little kids that are learning to sail don't all have skill sets, and might lose control just after they've entered the kill zone in front of a motor boat. The YC shares responsibility for keeping their kids safe.
f. In this day and age, "entitlement", is a new buzz-words for kids. Read all the posts defending the kids and see where that entitlement has spread to.....parents.
g. Years ago, parents would have known which kids were pushing the entitlement envelope and been at the dock waiting to give the little chit a few extra chores. Why not today?
No, 30 years of experience means nothing if you don't have boat handling skills or knowledge of right of way. The original poster should not have approached close enough to the right of way boats to have any issue whatsoever. Sail boats have sails on them, and you can spot them from a pretty good distance, and they zig zag around to get up wind; anybody that knows anything about boating knows this. I'm pretty sure that the original poster is driving a small boat with adequate maneuverability in the vessel that, given adequate boat handling skills, it could stop or avoid.

Really, the rules are the rules. It looks like that original poster has some issues handling his boat, and on top of this there is some feeling that because the power boat is bigger, he has some sense of entitlement to be excepted from the rules.

Plus, it's not cool to think of children as flys, or Nazis.
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