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Originally Posted by YFMF View Post
On LBI/NJ there are a couple of Yacht clubs where young kids learn how to operate small sail boats. You can easily tell that some of them know their way around these little 8-10 boats quite well. The problem i9s that the school holds classes in an area that goes all around the ICW. Last weekend we were heading north through the area in a slow speed zone and a could of these little Nazi's cut across the marked channel right in front of you on purpose and the instructors say nothing. I understand a blow boat has the right of way but with 20 little flys all around it's difficult keeping clear of them when they want to be a pest.

Anyone else ever have a run in of this type in the past? In my 30+ years of boating in this area I've never had a problem with the classes before.

Somewhere on a sailboat forum there is a thread about that a-hole power boater that would not get out of the way and intentionally went through the course. He tried to come as close as possible to the sail boats, on purpose of course.

The OP is clearly in the wrong, and of course has to vent and label the kids as "Nazi's", and "fly's". Good thing for him there were no kayaks or jet skis around. Would have sent him into orbit.
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