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Unles this is a real snotty country club, they will welcome someone who is interested in increasing the safety of all the craft on the water.
Contact the Commodore with a polite letter of interest directed toward safety and mutual understanding.
The sail training part of the club would be the subject.
Offer to help in an event, meet with them, ride on a committee boat during an event. Most clubs are always looking for power boats to help during their sailing events. You will find a good bunch of boating folks who are very interested in their sport. You will also find that these sail training programs for kids are sacred territory just as your kids pruograms are; only more so! So be careful what you say, it will be held against you. Take my word for that.

This subject is one of understanding from both sides. Those above who are yelling "We are Racing" are as much of problem as those yelling "Get out of the way". Yelling does not help, here or on the water.

They are just kids, is bull. They need training in understanding and considering others as much as "the rules". The instructors do also. Bottom line, the sailing community represents only abouit 17 % of the boating community and most of them know it. Cooperation and understandiog are paramount.

The instructors can take into account other water craft when setting up courses. At the same time, they may be training for a serious event. This summer we had juniors (13) years and younger in Europe competing internationally and winning. The little rats learn so fast it is Intimidating.

If none of this supposed wisdom makes any sense, picture your kid at the helm of one of these boats vs standing on a street corner making a score. While these ativities are not mutually exclusive! I retain my belief in our boating community.

These comments are based on 30 years of racing sail boats and even more operatings small power boats. I assure you I know less now than I thought I did along the way, but I do believe in that Boaing Community mentioned.
As much as each sector of the community can understand the rest, we bcome better watermen, and we will have more fun at it.

Looking on the bright side, the sails are much easier to see than kayaks.

Bottom line, you cannot run them over. That ruins propellers and every second of the rest of your life.

John Saunders

Spit, I think you over reacted, but I often do too. If you ever head to Austin send me a personal message. We need to sail one afternoon when the conditions are decent. That is what it is all about. There is a J-22 and a 170 Montauk at the lake. My treat.
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