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Originally Posted by YFMF View Post
On LBI/NJ there are a couple of Yacht clubs where young kids learn how to operate small sail boats. You can easily tell that some of them know their way around these little 8-10 boats quite well. The problem i9s that the school holds classes in an area that goes all around the ICW. Last weekend we were heading north through the area in a slow speed zone and a could of these little Nazi's cut across the marked channel right in front of you on purpose and the instructors say nothing. I understand a blow boat has the right of way but with 20 little flys all around it's difficult keeping clear of them when they want to be a pest.

Anyone else ever have a run in of this type in the past? In my 30+ years of boating in this area I've never had a problem with the classes before.
Wow, first of all, it's not your water. And you are absolutely in the wrong.

Do you get angry when you have to wait at a stop sign for traffic to go by? If you do, maybe get some help. If not there is some other factor. My guess is that it makes you a little anxious, because you are not confident in your boat handling skills.

I can guarantee you, each one of these little kids, if they stick with these programs for a few years, will have abundant small boat handling skills. Instead of getting angry at children, why don't you do something about your skills? Maybe get some lessons on how to maneuver in tight spaces, how to stop, go, turn, back up; things like that. Did you know that these little kids actually learn how to back up in a sail boat? And if they stick with it into their teens, they will have capsized, swamped, pitch poled, there boat so many times you cant count, and they recover the boat each time. Really, what would you do if you got 6 inches of water inside the boat? Well, the lots of power boaters would start quivering, and call sea tow, maybe start yelling may day into the radio. These little kids, after a few years, could handle that type of situation, easy peasy, without negative emotion.

Also, how long did you really have to wait? 30 seconds, a minute, maybe two? Well, that is the opposite of generous. Calling little children "flys"? What makes you anything better?
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