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Some of you guys who are expressing irritation with kids learning to sail -- unbelievable.

Also, sorry to say, but if you understood what they were doing, you could have easily anticipated their course changes and acted accordingly -- none of it would take you by surprise. But you lack understanding, so you aren't able to anticipate and act accordingly. That is not their problem or fault -- it is YOUR lack of understanding.

The reason their course was different this time from previous times when you transited the same area, was because the wind was from a different direction. There will be times when the wind direction will require them to tack up or down a channel, back and forth, seeming to zigzag for no reason, but it is absolutely necessary. With more favorable winds, they might be able to pass up or down the channel parrallel to the traffic without making a single turn. This is the nature of sailing. And this is a major part of why motor vessels give way to sailing vessels.

Study up or get over it!
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