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Originally Posted by Riptied View Post
Heard on the news this morning they (whoever "They" may be) are trying to get it passed that athlete's who win medals have to start paying taxes on them.

A medal is the same as a damn trophy.
Eh, not buying it. Nobody in this country would be that foolish.

Originally Posted by Shag View Post
It wasn't here. Shooting sports usually are totally ignored and I'm glad they reported it there.
Wasn't about region. I have multiple cell phone apps (CNN, NYT etc...) that all pushed the info to my home screen on an alert. And they are fairly liberal resources. I think a good bit of this stuff is a witch hunt.

That said, the woman who has medaled in 6 olympics should be getting more press coverage, but that is likely a multitude of reasons, not just guns. Sex sells and an overweight middle aged woman isn't going to fit the bill. You have 5 minutes, do you go with the young female swimmer, young female gymnast, middle aged female power lifter, middle aged skeet shooter?

I would say that sexism has as much to do with it, and if she was a 9 or so, she would be all over the news.