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Originally Posted by edwardh1 View Post
call the yc and speak to the sailing school person, or just steer around them (how hard is that) little kids learning to sail

the schools in charleston try to stay out of the channel
How hard is that? Like I said, I've been boating for 30+ years in this same area, it seems this year that the "students" are looking to push motor boaters around.

The channel is narrow in certain points, we're only moving at 5 mph at most the sail boat is heading south along his side of the markers and out of no where he cuts hard left/port into my path. I drop her in neutral and allow him to pass less then 5' in front of me. As soon as I drop her back in gear he comes around again and crosses the channel.

I all most went over to the support craft and told them off but with wife and kids in the boat thought it was best left alone. On the way back south other blow boaters were acting recklessly in their little doggy's with other power boats in close proximity.

I'll be back in the area again this weekend, and will take your advise and call the school if it continues to happen.
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