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Originally Posted by ReelSmith View Post
Which is is more aggressive? What is the application methods for the buff liquid using a rotary polisher and an orbital polisher; RPMs and setting on the shurhold random orbital? Thanks
1. Which is more aggressive? To answer this, I need a comparison. For our products, Buff Magic is far more aggressive than Pro Polish, as Pro Polish is a pure wax with no true corrective ability.

2. When using Buff Liquid (how did you get ahold of that!?), spray it on the surface your looking to correct and simply start buffing with your polisher of choice. Work the pad back and forth in a slight overlap, similar to grid you would lay while mowing a lawn. Keep light pressure and let the pad do the work, not your muscles.

3.For a rotary tool, we recommend you work between 1800-2200 RPM's. For an orbital, it depends on the tool because the OPM's vary on throw size. In most variable speed Dual Action Polishers, a 4-5 on the speed setting (out of 6) is recommended. That holds true for both our Dual Action Polisher and the Dual Action Polisher PRO.
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