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Default Technology Consulting Venture - Experts Needed

I have been in the MSO (Multi-Service Operator) industry for the last 12 years. I have a strong background in engineering and business communication sales. I have managed an IT network for the entire region of Media personnel, and most recently I have consistently been the highest gross sales revenue generator for our organization the past 8 years in my division. With a lot of recent changes in my organization (buyout) our company is beginning to make a lot of transitions that could limit my abilities for the company as well as my potential income for future years. With all this in mind I am beginning to research independent communication consulting. My most valuable experience is the ability to assist national aggregators as well as large entities connect dozens of locations with Metro-Ethernet services, Consolidated billing, and advanced communications systems. This includes voice, data and site to site connectivity for all communications. I work with several large clients who rely heavily in the virtual environment for their business operations. I would like to network with individuals in this industry beyond my current network of C Level Executives, Sales and IT professionals.

Being that fishing and boating is my number 1 hobby, I obviously frequent this site a lot. I have a lot of respect for the community in THT, and have learned a lot from reading here over the years. With that said, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone here is in the field of Communication and Technology consulting. Honestly, I could use the feedback from anyone in a consulting role to help educate me on considering this venture. I am very strategic and I do not wish to walk away from the great job I currently have. With a wife and a 2 year year old daughter depending on me I have to be proactive in protecting our livelihood. If our organization changes in such a way I am unable to use my talents to produce for our needs, I will not hesitate to do whatever I have to in order to utilize my experience to provide for our family.

I am located in Eastern North Carolina and the ability to find a competitor to work for is just not an option. Our competition and other entities that operate here just cannot facilitate the level of income I have been so blessed to obtain. I truly do not mean to come across as arrogant, however I am confident I have a lot to offer businesses in my region. I truly believe my time would benefit companies far greater than the cost of not allowing someone of my caliber to engage in their business decision on technology and communications. I work beside Telephone, IT and other Consultants every day and I am confident that I am far more experienced than the majority of the local organizations I would compete with. My close professional network includes some of the largest data, communication, technology and data center providers in the country. The resources I am able to leverage and have the ability to partner with is the sole reason I am considering exploring this option. It has taken many years of sacrifice in my personal life to obtain the level of success I have tasted. Like so many of you that own your business here I do understand that entreprenuership is not easy at all. As a matter of fact I know that it is much harder, and more difficult than most jobs would ever demand of an employee. In my current role I am the R&D, Sales, Support, Project Manager, and Advisor for my clients. Due to the many hats wear I feel I am skilled to take the Consultant role on.

With all this said, there are a lot of things I am not aware of. Mostly due to the fact I do not currently run my own business. I currently have the backing of a 25 Billion dollar organization behind me. The ability to spend 180k on a job is easy when justified to a company of this size. Especially with the margins I produce on return of investment. Not to mention the benefits, 401k, Insurance etc, etc, etc........

So what say you wise men on THT, what do I not know and what should I do to continue my research in this field?