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Default Sea Hunt Electrical Question


I have a 215 Victory that has me stumped right now. I am doing some re-wiring up in the dash and am very confused as to where all of the electrical that came from the factory is grounded. I can tell which switches are stock...nav lights, bilge, aerator, cabin light, courtesy lights etc. All these switches along with a few more are connected to circuit breakers as is pretty standard. What I can't figure out is where do all these electrical components get grounded as I can't find a black wire that would belong to any of these items. I am able to trace most everything from the back of the boat with both the hot and negative wire but only the hots come into the dash. Not that I am having any problems at all but this just has me curious in case I have a problem down the line. Is there a negative bus bar somewhere in the hull that I may not have access to? Maybe I'm just missing something here...