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Default 18. Commercial Grade Sword Fish / Blue Fin Swivel Rod Holders

Why this rod holder beats them all....
Commercially strong and built for a lifetime of use
Easily Adjustable tension
Lock-out capability
Remove the tube when not in use
Comes with its own reel leash attachment point
Have a large Electric that you don't want flopping around in a standard 3 bolt swivel holder - this 4 bolt platform with backing plate solves that issue.
Reel from the gunnel as you would using a long bent butt. Take it out and you have a stand-up straight butt - no knuckle busting!
Have a disable person on the boat, young children, elderly, or the like who still like to fish, but cant manage the rod for a full-on battle - Put the reel in first gear, or flip the switch, and let the shotgun do the work.

Swivel Turret Rod Holder...AKA- "SHOTGUN" : ON SALE NOW - $225ea
If you are a charter Captain that does Charity/ Not for Profit trips for the Wounded Warrior Project - contact me directly

These are commercial grade! and completely 316 Stainless Steel construction

If you're after the Big boys - Blue fin, Swords, Marlin, Makos.....or need a really strong platform for your electric reel, you are in the right place. The 4 bolt mounting platform and included backing plate will insure the necessary gunwale strength required for high drag applications. The side of your boat will come off before this rod holder will. Don't try to compare this piece of equipment with a 3 bolt swivel holder that comes standard "without" a backing plate and mount holes that are 1/2 inch from the main tube (weak).

The common design for this type of swivel mount is to have a permanently placed tube bolted to the base of the well. This improved design allows removal of the rod holder tube when not in you don't have to look at it, or bump into it when not in actual use. The Friction key assembly is bolted to the bottom of the well where it remains ready to engage the swivel tube when inserted. The tension required to move the tube can be adjusted from Zero to complete lockdown.

If you are so inclined...You can also drill and QD pin the tube and base so the swivel will remain stationary (Run your rods as outriggers) and then pull your installed pin to allow the tube to move freely.

Everything you see in the picture is 316 Stainless. Even the friction washers. The safety D-Ring (lanyard attachment point) you see on the top of the tube protrudes all the way through to second as a locking gimbal pin. It too, is stainless. Every part is CNC cut from sheet Stainless and TIG welded circumferentially into place. (not cast)

The Backing plate is a standard feature and is also included in the kit.

The Straight tube is an option and nice to have if you ever want to use a bent butt in the swivel housing. If this is an option you are interested in - add $40

Here are some specs:

Tube ID 1.72"

45 degrees

Depth to locking pin - 9.5"

Mounting base 5" x 3.6" x .20" thick

Mounting depth required for clearance - 8.5"

Well tub Thickness - .20"

Total weight: 6 lb, 13oz

Feel free to call if you have any questions.

The kit includes : Bent Rod holder tube, Tube mounting base, Friction Key assembly, backing plate, PVC insert.

PAYPAL and Credit over the phone accepted

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