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Default 13. 400g Spiral Wrap Jigging rods - For Conventional Reels

2017 - 400g Spiral wrap jigging rod
Not much has changed with the new 2017 spiral rod. The butt section got a little shorter to make it better for pitching / casting, and the blank is one guide longer to facilitate a longer cast and enhanced sensitivity for jigging.
Thanks to all the THTers out there who have been instrumental in the evolution of this rod - now 7 years!
For those unfamiliar with the spiral concept:
The "REAL" reason for the Spiral - Spinning rods are extremely stable and they create zero twist on the rod when under load. Why? - All guides are fixed to the underside of the rod and there is no other place for them to go under load. Guides on the top of the rod when under load inherently want to go left or right to try to get to the underside of the rod to relieve the stress. Spiral wraps make it possible to have the stability of a spinning rod using a conventional reel. The last 3-4 guides and tip are located on the underside of the blank effectively negating the twisting force that is normally present on a conventional rod (where all Guides are located on top of blank). What you get is a rod that just gets more stable with increased drag pressure - a real winner during a long fight.
Total Length - 6' 6"
Rod section - 61"
Butt section - 19"
Distance from gimbal lock to center reel seat - 15.5"
Blank: 88% Carbon Fiber - 12% E-glass (This recipe was dialed in 3 years ago)
Reel seat - Pacific Bay Channel lock 2
Gimbal - Pac Bay Aluminum - w/ gimbal lock
Guides - FUJI SiC
Finish epoxy- Flexcoat Ultra-V


purple/ gold (LSU)

ORDERING: if you send me a PM, or Email request a paypal invoice - Please include the type of rod, color, quantity and where it's going to. To circumvent all that - just give me a call - 210-364-6943
I can take any form of credit over the phone.
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