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Exclamation Pinnacle Marine Outfitters - Catalog

Thanks for Checking Us Out ! - This posting just went over 330,000 hits. Thanks THTers!!!!!!!!!

THE SHOP IS OPEN !!! - Just REEEEALY Busy - If you call, text, PM, IM.....Please be patient with replies as I try to get to them as fast as I can. Thanks everyone and be safe out there!

Spiral 400g
White Marlin
XR PRO SERIES - 30-80, and 60-100 class

Best Price Winthrop Terminator! AND EVERYTHING IS IN STOCK!
UPDATE - If you need anything Winthrop - let me know. I am a top tier with them so I get the best prices, and I'm willing to pass it on to THTers

AFTCO: Anything in my catalog can have AFTCO Components. You might want to check on the cost of components before you request a quote.

Aftco is famous for quality and durability, but they do command a high price. I will be posting some new rods in the coming months with all AFTCO components on Seeker, and Calstar Blanks.

C-MOR Charts - Authorized dealer for CMOR - I am the SW Texas Rep for CMOR - If you need a chart for any location, please give me a shout.

FlexCoat - Authorized dealer - I can get anything you need!

You Can go to this page anytime by typing in:

Welcome to the THT Pinnacle Marine Outfitters Catalog -

In an effort to make things easier for THTers to find the Various rod models available from Pinnacle Marine, I am going to start a series of posts with pictures, specs and pricing.
Along with rods you will also find- Swivel rod holder inserts, Big Game Swivel Rod Holders, Gaffs, Storage bags, Rod Butts, Swivel tips, and replacement parts.
The Rod Model and description will appear in the order shown below. Along with the post, I will do my best to up-date availability with Color, number available, or "out of stock" if applicable.
I really do love this job, and I welcome any calls. If you have questions, feel free to contact me anytime.
If seas are flat, you will need to leave a message.

I can do Paypal, or any CC over the phone. I "do not" keep CC info on file. All is destroyed after the authorization - no exception.

Shipping - Shipping cost is based on actual cost plus the price of the 350lb corrugated shipping box ($4ea).

1. XR Series Stand-up Rods with Eliminator jr. Roller Guides - Limited stock - LIMITED STOCK
2.XR Series Stand-up rods with ALPS S-6 Roller Guides
3. XR Series Stand-up rods with Fuji SiC Ring Guides
4. XR SERIES with FUJI SIC and RX-M roller tip
5. XR PRO with ALPS RX-M Roller guides - HANDS DOWN BEST SELLER!!!!
6. TSX 30s, TSX 50s, and the TSX 80s with Pacific Bay Eliminator Roller Guides (.24" Clearance)
7. TSX 30s, TSX 50s, and the TSX 80s (PRO SERIES) with ALPS RX-H Roller Guides (.27" Clearance)
8. Custom Daytime Sword Rods - When only the best will do! Made to order AVAILABLE - ALLOW 1 WEEK to BUILD
9. Eliminator 100 PRO
10. DEEP 30, DEEP 50, and DEEP 80
11. DEEP DROP 1000 - "THE" rod for Tanacom 1000, Banex 1000 Electric reels. Targeting Tile, Yellow edge, Snowy, Barrel etc.....
12. TSX 130 PRO - The Big Critter Gitter
13. 400g Spiral Wrap - for conventional reels - AVAILABLE NOW!
14. 400g Spinning - yep- these are for spinning reels - AVAILABLE NOW!
15. KID's Trolling Rods - 20-50 class
16. Daytime Sword Rods
18. Commercial Grade Swivel Rod Holder - Sword Fishing, Blue fin, Sharking, Deep Dropping .....Everything.....
19. Swivel Rod Holder Inserts
20. Swivel Tips
21. Gear storage bags
22. Outrigger rigging bag
23. Pacific Bay Aluminum Rod Butts
24. WIRE LINE RODS - Available Now!

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