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Originally Posted by piazzafatb View Post
Great loaded numbers
I think at least, one very known(super known) cat builder is going to be touch by this numbers
No other cat builder is going to put so much weight in the front to do some test.
Prove me Iam wrong
Congrats Prowler
One reason nobody tests with that much weight is that nobody can fit that much ice!

Originally Posted by Marlin009 View Post
Two tons of ice. LOL.
There's PLENTY room for more in the floor too.. He just filled that front area to get the weight all the way up front to see how she did. Cats are notoriously sensitive to weight that far forward. At least before this one.

Those wide sponsons really carry the load. This boat runs 70 with the weight of an entire 39 Compmellenia in the boxes

Originally Posted by avalonandl View Post
Is it possible to use a white rub rail insert on a boat??

I think one of these with a coca cola red hull, white deck/cap and FOUR White Merc 400R's would be awesome. Diamond pleating in the seats, and some other extras......

Hey I can dream
Mine will have white rubrail and insert. BUT it won't be red. It's just about finished being put together--almost ready for rigging. I'll post a build thread soon. It's much prettier than these other two