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Originally Posted by noelm View Post
It was explained in minute detail in the post by seahorse, just to be clear, there is no sensors, there is switches, either on or off, very simple to check, you don't suppose if it fills manually, then the filter is OK?
Yamaha calls the components in the main oil tank and in the remote oil tank sensors. Yes, they have switches to sense the state of things. They sense the level of oil in each tank (by a switch being open or closed) and report that to the computer/tachometer. The computer then does what it needs to do. If it can. If the wiring and the connectors are in good condition.

If a light goes out in my house the wife may change the bulb several times. She does not understand that there are circuit breakers/fuses, wiring and switches involved, any of which could be causing a perfectly good bulb to be out. So too is it with the Yamaha PBS.