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Originally Posted by 508Buzzbay View Post
OK- So from what Im understand the GT52HW should perform better in my conditions in generally shallow buzzards bay (Saltwater avg30-60ft) and Cape Cod bay (avg 60-200ft)

In regards to better I mean compared to the gt51m? I understand the 51 is more powerful at deeper depths but seeing I don't see myself in greater than 200ft and typically fish in 60 ft or less.

Also Garmin bundles the 51 with the 74/94sv and 52 with 73/93sv and 73/93 are lakeview freshwater units. Will the GT52hw loose performance or durability in Saltwater use?
Will the 51 have lesser performance in shallow waters as far as marking fish? Does it make sense to just keep the bundle as is 94sv with Gt51tm or switch it for gt52hw?

Sorry for so many ?s but the more time I spend researching this more my head spins...

The GT52HW and the GT51 both do almost equal in shallow water....but I do see the GT52HW give a bit better results on soft targets..(Fish) .
For you I would use the GT52HW....I have used both extensively over the last two months.

I just listed the 74sv and 94sv units combined with the GT51HW in stock.

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