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Will hopefully have my rig in this Friday, going to spend a good amount of time testing the GT52HW on local structure...

From the numerous conversations I've had with Garmin on the phone, If you're mostly fishing in ~60ft saltwater, but also need the power to go a bit deeper, the GT52HW is an excellent choice.

I'm guessing the difference in wattage between the GT51 and GT52 is insignificant at those depths since you're not even close to the end range of the GT52HW's capabilities.

Remember in traditional sonar for every 100W the xducer can read up to 100ft (@ 200khz) - conservatively, however CHIRP uses FAR less wattage, which is why the max depth for this unit is rated for 800ft freshwater.

Note, Garmin's rule of thumb for saltwater is to divide the freshwater max capabilities in half.

The GT52HW is rated max 800ft freshwater for traditional, (according to Garmin) it can read up to 400ft saltwater.

Sidevu rated max 500ft freshwater, (according to Garmin) can read up to 250ft saltwater @ 350W

Downvu rated max 500ft freshwater, (according to Garmin) can read up to 250ft saltwater @ 350W

Again, I need to do some real world testing in my area, but based on these specs, I feel as if I had bought the GT51, I wouldn't be using nearly a quarter of its capabilities.

Also, from speaking with Garmin the GT52HW has been optimized for the depths that I fish (<100ft saltwater).

Additionally, I really like the fact that the GT52HW is much smaller than the GT51, and is less likely to have any interference in my transom.

Again, all of this is based on the specs and conversations with Garmin.

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