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Originally Posted by M.A.CCruiser View Post
Thank you sir!

To add a little something to this - not used for purposes intended. But I have a home bar - few coats of stain and polyurethane than I didn't want to re-sand and poly before the Easter holiday... Figured what the hell right?

Applied buff magic to it same as I would a boat hull... Brush on, wool pad, cross hatch, microfiber off - brought a shine and smoothness back like it was brand new. I even followed it with the pro polish - because why not?

Came out beautiful. Used it on the tap tower too - even if you're not going to use it on your boat... The product is multipurpose and works wonders where you would never think.
That's certainly a new one! We have had distillers use it for their kettles and vats. I use it on a number of metal fittings in the house. I even buff out the tub every year to eliminate staining.
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