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Originally Posted by CaptSamShurhold View Post
Great question. With any wool pad, you need to "fluff" it first. Put the pad on the machine, set it at its lowest speed, and run the pad over a stiff brush or spur. This will remove all the loose fibers. Good luck!

Thank you sir!

To add a little something to this - not used for purposes intended. But I have a home bar - few coats of stain and polyurethane than I didn't want to re-sand and poly before the Easter holiday... Figured what the hell right?

Applied buff magic to it same as I would a boat hull... Brush on, wool pad, cross hatch, microfiber off - brought a shine and smoothness back like it was brand new. I even followed it with the pro polish - because why not?

Came out beautiful. Used it on the tap tower too - even if you're not going to use it on your boat... The product is multipurpose and works wonders where you would never think.