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Originally Posted by tprice View Post
When the race is on today I am betting the stands will be about 1/2-2/3 full at best

CA is such a boring ass race track, just like Michigan, Kansas, Chicago, Vegas, Homestead, NH.

Bring them back to The Rock and N Wilkesboro and you will see the popularity climb back up

Also FINSIH the damn season earlier

This is the answer. NASCAR has forgot what it's all bout.
Although I'm from New England I understand where the sport came from.
I grew up watching Geoff, Brett,and Todd Bodine running short tracks. I also was luck to see Carl 'Bugs' Stevens, Fred Desaro, Mike McLaughin,Richie Evans,Ron Bouchard etc etc.

Honestly I rather watch a bunch of cut down modified run a short track then a homogenized version of what NASCAR once was. I can understand why Tony Stewart wants to run a dirt car on a off night .

Thank you Tprice. You hit the nail on the head.