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Originally Posted by dadoe View Post
To sum it up, in less than 60' the GT52 traditional chirp when compared to the GT51 in blue green saltwater conditions off the southern New England and Long Island coasts, including around Block Island, will:

Have better bottom detail,
Better fish detection,
Better target separation,
No noticeable difference from 60' to 150',
Functional to at least from 150' to over 200'.

For side and down vu:
Better less-than-60' imaging
No noticeable difference from 60' to 150'
Functional to 200'

Please, Semper or KMoose or other adjust my numbers if needed
Dadoe, I don't have any experience in your neck of the woods so I can't really say if your area would pose different results. If you are having any concerns of range then I would just go with the 51 and you won't be disappointed. Going with the 52 will likely leave you wondering as I have before with some purchases. Pull the trigger on the 51 and you will be good.
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