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Gil said it and I will state the same..... up to 150' you will not notice any difference in performance between the 52 and 51. That said, in my personal experience with both the 52 has better target separation in shallower depths 5-60'. Don't overthink ducer performance. The people getting the most of any ducer must put the hours in using it and becoming very familiar with the MFD or bottom finder it is hooked to. The learning curve is directly relative to time spent on the water vs. quality of imagery and performance.
Spending your first day on the water with the new equipment going to known spots will help immensely as you are comparing known imagery. Leave the fishing rods at home as you don't need any distractions for the shakedown run.
Could you post a few less than 100' images of the 51 and 52 even if they are imaging different spots? Side and down vu, too?
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