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[quote=emaier;8780555]What is a "writ notice of small claims?" Is that some form used in CT that must be sent to the "debtor" before suing in small claims. Does the writ say come to XYZ courthouse on a certain date and time or file a response with the court by a certaid date? If not, it sounds like a collection firm trying to scare up a payment by using some official looking document.

My guess is car owner's rights have been subrogated to his insurance company. The insurance company is now trying to collect what it paid from the at-fault driver. They may or may not be using an outside collection firm.

edit: Its not clear from the OP. Which insurance paid, the friends' or the owner of the car he hit?

It's a notice of suit that may be brought against you:
It was shoddily filled out so I don't think it was a collection agency. That's why we don't know the reason for the $1395.
After this notice is sent out the plaintiff still needs to file with the court and pay the filing fee which I think is $100.

Originally Posted by colecaz View Post
Does your buddy's kid have car insurance? If so, turn it over to them to fight it for you. They probably should have handled it in the first place since he was driving someone else's car. If a police report was written they'll find out about it sooner or later anyway.

Sounds like the friends insurance company is looking to be made whole by the person at fault.
I already suggested that they chk his ins to see if he's covered in anybody's car and let them handle it if it goes to court.
I don't think it's the car owners ins trying to collect because they would have gone for the drivers ins first, and the way the writ was hand filled out and incomplete tells me it wasn't professional.