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Default small claims auto accident

Over 6 months ago my Buddies kid was asked to drive his friend’s car because his friend was too drunk to drive. Well he ended up rear ending another car and totaled it. Supposedly no one was hurt or arrested but my buddy’s kid did get the warning. Apparently the car owners ins paid out everybody to make them whole.
Suddenly over 6 months later my buddy’s kid is delivered a writ notice of small claims looking for a total of $1900, $1395 for the car and $495 for a rental for almost a month. The writ wasn’t notarized nor signature required delivery.
Word is the kid that owned the car is less then reputable and is looking for easy money. I asked my buddy that I thought the ins paid up and he didn’t know what the $1395 was for. The only thing we can think of is the kid had a note on the car for more then what the car was worth. I also questioned the rental car fee for a month. Apparently the kid that owned the car put my buddies kid on his ins to be a driver after the fact, we don’t know how that worked but it sounds like ins fraud to me. My buddy’s kid had to contact the ins to have his name taken off.
I told my buddy to let it ride; chances are the kid won’t even be able to come up with the $100 small claims fee. What say THT?