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Default Emergency Toilet

I hate Porta-Pottys, and a true marine head is impractical on a boat of the size I own (BUT, I do have a small cabin, for privacy).

I've linked to this before, but thought it needed wider distribution, with its own thread name.

DIY versions are cheaper, using toilet seat, 5 gal. bucket, 5# of kitty litter, and a trash bag liner.

I don't overnight on the boat, and this is strictly for a sudden intestinal crisis. I often boat in 39 waters, so jumping-in is not an option. I know Florida is different.

I have only needed it once, after apparent food-poisoning from a take-out sandwich I brought along for lunch...45 minutes after lunch, instant evacuation. Kitty litter saved the day. Hanging your butt over the gunnel is too dangerous, and many dead MOBs are recovered with either their zipper down or their pants down.

Many camping supply places sell toilet seats specifically for typical 5 gal. buckets, if you prefer to make your own.

An unpleasant subject, but it's part of life, and I prefer to be prepared.