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Carbon fiber encapsulated in Resin is no different than a bundle of insulated copper wire.

An electrician friend at the Bertram Yard on the Miami River got a work order to re-wire an Italian yacht in for a refit. The owner thought that because the distribution panel had the labels on the breakers in Italian, you had to change the wires too. He convinced him he just needed an engraved panel in English.

Needless to say the owner was pissed upon delivery when he turned the cabin lights on and the Horn blew, along with thirty or forty other anomalies. It turned out that in replacing the rub rail, the carpenters thought that if a 2" screw was good, a 4" screw was "more better" and the wire harness along the sheer had a rub rail screw poking though it every 8". When you drill into the laminate the fibers are encapsulated but you are cutting into them and exposing fiber.

Proof in fact was a 60' racing sailboat "Hunter's Child" I project managed the construction in the UK. This was 1988 and this 90% carbon fiber boat would be considered state of the art today. Warren Luhrs sent me Hunter's lead electrician to wire it. After we put the boat in the water, he grabbed me and said you got to see this. His meter with one lead on a keel bolt and another on the tapping screw holding a plastic P clip to the hull laminate showed, if I remember correctly .2 of a volt. We got 15 transatlantic crossings and a round the world race over 10 years before the keel fell off. I have to believe from electrolysis.