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I can assure you that when you flash your fingers with 440 V it smells like chicken.

I can tell you we had a 177' long piece of carbon fiber we made that someone managed to run 220 V through and it sought ground through one of the buildings steel columns in a big continuous spark.

I saw that same carbon fiber mast stepped in a 151' sailboat in Port Everglades Fl. get hit 7 different times by lightning, but only when there was a cruise ship nearby.

I evaluated damage to a 100' carbon mast that hit the power lines over the New River and the Aluminum sail track was fine but the Stainless steel 1/4" machine screws melted where they were fastened the track and were tapped into the carbon fiber.

These were learned experiences not in a book as you are querying, so I would say try it and let us know how it works for you. :-)
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