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Originally Posted by Bullshipper View Post
Google graphene if you think Lithium is cutting edge. They are talking about charging car batteries in less than a minute with that stuff.
My wife's job is to research technology and write about it. With her feminine voice she gets hold of an engineer on the phone that is never allowed to talk to anyone and they are thrilled to tell her all about about their secret projects.

Imagine this, For the aircraft industry, seating has been developed that harvests the heat from the passengers bodies to generate electricity to power their entertainment package where they sit. :-)

The downside may be what these new materials will do to the boat builders that cut and grind this new stuff. I had a chance to tag along with her on a tour of the Material Science Lab at Langley and they were all hot for nano particles. I asked our guide, "what happens when you breath that stuff"? They said; "not to worry." I said; "I see, you know I remember that's what they told me about the bags of asbestos fiber we used to mix in with epoxy in the late 60's and 70's"