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Originally Posted by Otseg View Post
No we are in the City, You are describing the second Lowes location and then the third latest one is presently on US17, North of town
I needed a facility on short order in 2007 and this land had enough buildings and space on it to satisfy my needs for the first project back then. Every visitor says "cool old buildings" but the real reason is we have a half a city block and intend to build some flex space on the back acres once the catamaran addiction stabilizes.. You see, when I pass, all the old boat builders will be buried in Tennessee along with the rest of the hazardous waste and the end game is leaving your wife with real estate and not a 70 hr a week job. :-)

Gotcha, I didn't realize that the current Lowe's is #3. I don't live in Washington but spent a lot of summer weekends there. Is that building on the same road as the little league park? It looks familiar.